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Our leather alternative showcases the look and feel of natural leather in an innovative material developed with fiber remnants from the apple juicing process.

Winner of the PETA Vegan Homeware Award for Innovation, our exclusive Vegan AppleSkin™ Leather is a bio-based upholstery material that offers a quality alternative to leather. Formed by upcycling discarded fruit fiber into a durable covering that retains the classic aesthetic of natural leather, the material is a standout addition to sustainability in modern furniture design.

The award-winning design process behind Vegan AppleSkin™ Leather means that every piece of upholstered furniture comes with a built-in story that begins with sustainability and eco-innovation. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the material was created as a way to re-purpose food waste generated by the country’s apple orchard and juicing industries. The manufacturing process combines recycled fruit fiber—apple cores and peels—with artificial components, resulting in a vegan, bio-based material that is OEKO-TEK® Certified sustainable for low environmental impact.

A fruitful endeavour indeed.

Vegan AppleSkin™ Leather is available in two custom colours on the following designs: